Cheer Up Lawyers!

attorney depressionThe general population (lawyer jokes aside) view those in the legal profession as people who have it all: success, respect, money, and power.  Lawyers are often the envy of everyone.  So it is surprising that a Johns Hopkins study (Occupations and the prevalence of major depressive disorder) revealed that of more than 100 occupations, lawyers lead the nation with the highest incidence of depression.   Further, in 1996, lawyers passed dentists as the occupation with the highest rate of suicide.

What’s going on here?  Is it that the legal profession attracts the type of person who is prone to depression?  It does seem that many in the field are type A perfections who could probably never live up to the standard they themselves set.  Or perhaps the stress and pressure of the job is pushing them to the edge.

Whatever the reason for this anomaly, lawyers and their friends and family should take note and be proactive in handling any problems.  Apparently, money can not buy happiness.

Is a Career as a Lawyer for You?

lawyer booksIs a career as a lawyer for you? You have to know that not all is cut-out to be a legal representative. There are lots of attorneys out there practicing which are ill-cut for the career and you can see from their attitude. Being a lawyer is not a simple task, nor easy on your emotional state or mind.

If you ask yourself is a career as a lawyer for you? First, you have to consider the long road of getting the certification. The cost and time of law school need to be your concern as well as the 3 years and thousands of dollars of learner loans. The initial years will engage in massive amount of your time and make you doubt your option to enrol from the very first day. The extra activities you have to include in your schedule in your 2nd and 3rd year to carry on and make your application paper unique from your classmates are going to be an overwhelming task as well.

Then you need to pass the licensure or bar exam. Learning for the bar examination, and then taking the test will be the hardest things that you will encounter prior to becoming a certified lawyer. This saps the body and mind of all oomph over the months of preparation. The training questions will make you ask when they are about legal issues. You’ll never look at multiple choice queries the same way again. If you walk out of the bar exam, regardless of how high your grades when you are in a law school, you’ll be securely convinced that you didn’t pass the test.

For instance, you passed and you are now a newly minted legal representative. The main questions do you have that mental capability to make it in this career? It is not a question of legal knowledge or smartness, you make it to the bar exam, you have learned for so many years. That is the not the key in your mind.

Are you capable and willing to keep you feeling in control? Emotions are the strong enemy of logic. A lot of attorneys are just not capable to approach issues with a comprehensively rational, non emotional and logical standpoint and opinion. They love their customers very much, or dislike them. And even think the issue is something they don’t deal with professionally. That is the worst enemy of excellent lawyering.

Lack of concern is an undervalued quality in an attorney. You are an expert and professional, simply hired the service to get a task done. The dentist or plumber doesn’t care on the traits and individuality of their customers whether they bad or good people — you will want to approach things in a similar way or you do not want to go into this kind of job in the first place.

Is a career as a lawyer for you? Well, you have to consider these factors. After assessing these factors and you think you can handle it, then perhaps becoming a lawyer is what suitable job for you.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics – Quick Lawyer Facts

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How Much Does a Lawyer Make?

Did you ever wonder how much the average lawyer makes?  Lawyers are known to be among the better paid professionals and they are often stereotyped as being filthy stinkin rich!  And how about all the mothers who have lamented to their daughter, “I told you you should have married a lawyer!”  So how much exactly does a lawyer make?

Based on  a survey by the average annual salary in 2014 for an attorney/lawyer was $75,803.  The range was $45,821-$169,259, with pay being closely tied to years of experience.

As a basis of comparison, the average annual salary for all workers is about $46k.  I guess our mother’s were right….we should have married a lawyer!  Or better yet, became one!

attorney annual salary