Cheer Up Lawyers!

attorney depressionThe general population (lawyer jokes aside) view those in the legal profession as people who have it all: success, respect, money, and power.  Lawyers are often the envy of everyone.  So it is surprising that a Johns Hopkins study (Occupations and the prevalence of major depressive disorder) revealed that of more than 100 occupations, lawyers lead the nation with the highest incidence of depression.   Further, in 1996, lawyers passed dentists as the occupation with the highest rate of suicide.

What’s going on here?  Is it that the legal profession attracts the type of person who is prone to depression?  It does seem that many in the field are type A perfections who could probably never live up to the standard they themselves set.  Or perhaps the stress and pressure of the job is pushing them to the edge.

Whatever the reason for this anomaly, lawyers and their friends and family should take note and be proactive in handling any problems.  Apparently, money can not buy happiness.


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